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                            Service Hotline : 400-820-7019
                            HOME > AUXILIARY > Legal Notice
                            Legal Notice
                            East Central Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Sea in Shanghai Minhang High-tech Development Zone, is a professional R & D, production and sales of LED lighting as one of the high-tech enterprises. I am strong in technology development company, has a team of specialists, doctors, masters, senior engineer of the development and production team, followed by the development of international advanced technology, products have formed a variety of series, has long been engaged in LED lighting and related talented team of project development, production, installation and service. Comprehensive engineering team skills, have experienced large-scale engineering projects and key projects.

                            The company has taken the lead through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, CE certification, ROHS certification, all links are in strict accordance with the company's quality manual and quality system procedures for the operation, so that the management process more scientific, standardized system of implementation, clarification of responsibility and authority, preventive and corrective measures Completion. The quality of service the company provides more stable, quality continues to increase.

                            LED lighting aspects: As the first production release and more than 100W high power LED street lights and LED mining company, East Central photovoltaic time in more than six years in a row has developed LED lights (solar, wind and solar), LED tunnel lights, LED garden lights, landscape lights and other outdoor lighting, and LED high bay lights, LED bulbs, LED fluorescent tube, LED flat light of a series of indoor LED lighting products, and access to the national 20 several patents. Especially in high-power white street lighting and high bay light (30W-300W) at home and abroad in a leading position, widely used in roads, factories, tunnel lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, decoration and solar energy, wind energy facilities, is currently at the forefront of the world lighting products. March 2003, the company started to develop my white semiconductor lighting, in the efforts of all the technical experts of the industry as cooling and drive circuit development bottleneck of semiconductor lighting trial and error testing, continuous improvement, to capture the power light-emitting diode cooling problems, ensure that the temperature rise of the device at 20 ° C or so, in terms of the LED lamp drive circuit to reach more than 93% efficiency, power factor of more than 95%. Of which more than 100 watts and mining lamp street light by the National Electric Light Source Quality Inspection Center by detecting, energy and illumination requirements have been achieved. My company's LED lights and LED high bay light has been used in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Xinjiang, Jilin multiple projects.

                            LED lighting broad market potential, the company fully into LED lighting products, application development, as well as customized for a variety of special specifications of high-power lights, with superb production technology, superior product quality, reasonable prices to meet user requirements create a "Central East" brand.

                            Over the years the company adhere to the steady development, continue to strengthen management, investments in technology, and actively expand the market, making the performance of the company to grow steadily year by year, the company's products throughout the country. Currently exporting countries: Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Brazil and some European and American countries and so on.